BK Arena strives to ensure our venues, facilities and services are accessible for everyone. 

Purchasing accessible seating tickets

All shows have dedicated tickets for persons with disabilities which includes an automatic companion ticket to enable you to bring someone to accompany you to assist you.


There are dedicated Wheelchair and Companion seating positions at the top of the lower seating blocks

This access level coincides with the main public concourse for easy roll-in and roll-out.

When an event has a seating layout that enables there to be wheelchair seating on floor level, these seats would be available thru the ticketing system


BK Arena has dedicated parking bays for people with disabilities.

Accessible Restrooms

There are Restroom Facilities for persons with disabilities at every public toilet block.

Access to the Main Public Concourse

Thru the Main Entrance “A”, on the left is a lift that enables wheelchairs to go up one floor to the main public concourse level.

At this level, all the way round BK Arena concourse, are located the bulk of the restroom facilities, as well as the dedicated seating positions. 


Please note that we strive to assist all our fans, and  we welcome any feedback, both good and bad, that may help us provide a more user-friendly fan experience…

Please reach out to us thru our website and tell us how we can improve your experience…