Who we are:

The ArtRwanda – Ubuhanzi is a nationwide talent search project implemented by Imbuto Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Culture. The project aims at identifying and supporting young and talented Rwandans within the creative arts industry. The competition consists of a televised nationwide search for creative youth in six different categories (plastic arts, dance & music, fashion, acting & drama, cinematography & photography, and literature)

What we do: 

We believe that Rwandan youths who have creative talents need to be nurtured further, to reach their full potential, and to create a positive impact on the creative and socio-economic development of our country.

We also see the need to address youth unemployment, which is a serious issue, slowing our national development. Through this project, we aim to address these two problems simultaneously by recognizing and raising awareness of the talent that is widely present among the Rwandan youth, while supporting the creation of jobs and employment in the creative industry.

Collaboration with BK Arena:

Art Rwanda Ubuhanzi is the curator & supplier of art pieces that will be installed inside BK Arena.

In order to enhance the space and bring the view of local artists, we will supply BK Arena with paintings. Each quarter we will also change the set-up to keep the things fresh and interactive with the audience. We want to host a plethora of events in partnership with BK Arena and other collaborators that revolve around the cultural and creative industry.

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