BK Arena Prepaid Card

Unlock more than BK Arena

Introducing the BK ARENA PREPAID CARD. The key to unlock a world of exclusive benefits and experiences. This flagship product of the new era was developed following BK Group’s partnership with QA Venue Solutions.

The BK Arena Prepaid Card allows users to load money onto a prepaid wallet that can be used like any other bank card. In addition to offering exclusive promotions, discounts, and experiences at BK Arena events, it also provides worldwide acceptance wherever VISA is accepted, even outside the BK Arena.

The BK Arena Prepaid Card is not just a card, it’s a lifestyle.

Eligibility & Criteria

A customer will need to have a valid National ID or Passport and be 18+ years old.

Feature & Benefits

  1. Issued instantly at any BK-Branch or at the BK Arena on days leading to an Event
  2. Exclusive Promo/discounts/ and early access to BK Arena event tickets
  3. Discounts on Food & Beverages inside BK Arena when available
  4. Easy loading at any BK-branch, BK Internet Banking or using MTN mobile money wallet
  5. ATMs, POS and online payments enabled, wherever Visa is accepted worldwide
  6. Easy management of funds, you only spend what you load
  7. FREE instant SMS and email notification for every transaction
  8. Access to over 3,000 POS merchants and over 200 ATMs in Rwanda
  9. High limits at the ATM, POS and online
  10. Payments on POS and online are free
  11. Free PIN selection and PIN change
  12. Card validity of 3 years


5000 RWF