The following could result in being escorted/evicted from the event and/or venue: 

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or exhibit signs of impairment  
  • Failure to comply with instructions or follow the directions of Law Enforcement, Security, Ushers, Ticket Agent or any BK ARENA personnel 
  • Use of obscene or abusive language and/or behavior such as: fighting and taunting  
  • Irresponsible drinking and/or supporting underage drinking  
  • Inappropriate displays of affection  
  • Inappropriate/ offensive clothing or appearance 
  • Smoking in non-designated smoking  
  • Throwing object/s of any kind  
  • Actions that may cause a disruption and/or hinder the enjoyment of the event for other guests  

Fans in violation of this Code of conduct will be subject to ejection, arrest and prosecution as well as possible loss of attendance privileges for future games/venue events.